Thursday, 14 May 2015

Solomon's Kitten - by Sheila Jeffries

'Can a tabby cat mend a broken heart?

This is a special kitten.She has come to heal.

Moments after she is born, a tiny kitten Tallulah, with
her bright eyes and silver and white fur edged with 
gold, is whisked away from her father Solomon and
is dumped in a hedge like rubbish.

After a tough start to life, neglected and abandoned, 
Tallulah eventually finds a home with the Lee family
and forms a special bond with their daughter Tammy.
But Tammy has a terrible secret and Tallulah must do
all in her power to keep the family safe.

This is one of the most touching books I've read in a long time. This tiny little cat's life will make you think about how you should act and try to be like her. The secret that I'm DYING to tell changes the entire plot and although its hard to understand at first (the past and present get a tiny bit muddled up) it one read i will never forget. I highly recommend this book to anyone! 

So please! Click the link below and by this Inspiring, emotional book.

To buy Solomon's Kitten Click here!

Also buy Solomon's Tale here for another kitten's story.

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