Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Harry and Hope - Sarah Lean

                               'Some friendships are meant to be'

'Hope feels lost when her mum's boyfriend leaves.
She loved Frank and he understood her better
than anyone, even her mum. The only part left of
Frank left behind is a stubborn, old rescue-donkey
, Harry.

Hope promised to look after Harry, but maybe
Hope needs Harry as much as he needs her..

This book will make you cry. I can not even describe the emotional effect it had on me.  If your an animal lover or live in the country-side (like my mum ,Reading-Room-With-A-Veiw, and me) you'll love this adorable book. Suitable for all ages. I highly recommend you read this because you'll LOVE IT!

You can buy this book and find out what happens to
Harry and Hope by clicking the link below :D

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