Monday, 22 June 2015

A Boy Called Hope - Lara Williamson

'I'm Dan Hope, and deep inside my head i
keep a list of things i want to come true.

For example, I want my sister, Ninja Grace
to go to university at the North Pole and only
come back once a year.

I want to help Sherlock holmes solve his most
daring mystery yet. And if it could be a zombie
mystery, all the more exciting.

I want to be the first eleven-year-old to land on
the moon.

I want my dog to stop eating the planets and
throwing them up on the carpet.

And finally, the biggest dream of all...     I want my dad to love me.'

I loved this book. I was hooked on it the minute i picked it up. It is all about a boy trying to get his dad to love him...again like most of the books i buy, this one made me cry. My favourite part had to be the end. I won't spoil it but all i have to say is you must buy this book to find out yourself.

As soon as i saw this book i knew i had to get it. The cover is super pretty and shiny. I also love the font this writer has used as it is easy to read and very clear.

I loved this books so much and i don't know how i had never seen it before but i wish i had. I highly recommend this book to adults but mostly kids at the age of 10-12 as the boy in here is 11.

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Boy Who Lost His Face - Louis Sachar


David is only trying to be cool when he helps the
popular boys steal old Mrs. Bayfield's cane.

The plan goes wrong and he is the
only one she curses.Now he can't
seem to do anything right-the cool
kids taunt him, he walks into his
spanish class with his fly unzipped
and when he asks a girl out his
trousers fall down!

Is it a curse or is David simply turning into a total loser?

I absolutely love Louis Shachar's books, they are so funny yet they always have a meaning. This book is not only hilarious ,with a even funnier plot twist, but it has a true meaning to it that i picked up. This is book is all about pressure. David was pressured to steal Mrs Bayfield's cane by the popular boys and had to pay the prise. This is one of the best endings iv'e ever read as well i would totally recommend this book to anyone but mainly children ages 9-12 but I'm sure anyone older than that would still adore this amazing book.

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Also I Highly recommend you to buy Holes as it is my favourite book of all time!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Girl Online - Zoe Sugg / Zoella

Penny has a secret

Under the alias Girl Online, Penny blogs  her hidden
feelings about friendship,boys, her crazy family and
the panic attacks that have begun to take over her life.
When things go from bad to worse, her family
whisks her away to New York where she meets
Noah: a gorgeous, guitar strumming American.
Suddenly Penny is falling in love-and capturing
every moment of it on her blog.

But Noah has a secret to. One that threatens to
 ruin Penny's cover - and one of her closest
 friendship- forever.


This is such an inspiring, touching, emotional book. I can't remember how many times i cried but i can tell you it was a lot. Girl Online is definitely a book worth reading 5/5 from me. This book also has a major plot twist ( Which i LOVE!) that will leave you shocked and crying like a little baby. Its not that this book is sad, but how it is happy. It really shows you what love is, without being really cringey. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves plot twist, love and really amazing books because this is definitely one.

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Please also check out Zoe Sugg's Youtube channel Zoella. She does make-up tutorials, fashion hauls and blogs.