Friday, 15 May 2015

Then - by Morris Gleitzman

'I had a plan for me and Zelda.
   Pretended to be someone else.
      Find new parents.
          Be safe forever.

THEN the Nazis came.

My name is Felix. This is our story.'

I'll admit it. I cried like a baby. I've read a lot of sad books ,but this one beats them all. There isn't really a twist (except for maybe a few small ones) but i'm telling you the plot and structure of this books is amazing. I would totally rate it 5 stars. This book touched my heart and made it shatter into a million pieces. I was literally at school trying to blink back the tears and look like i wasn't sad. I HIGHLY recommend you buy this touching book. You won't regret it.

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By the way. Once is first in the series. Next is Then. Finally its After.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Solomon's Kitten - by Sheila Jeffries

'Can a tabby cat mend a broken heart?

This is a special kitten.She has come to heal.

Moments after she is born, a tiny kitten Tallulah, with
her bright eyes and silver and white fur edged with 
gold, is whisked away from her father Solomon and
is dumped in a hedge like rubbish.

After a tough start to life, neglected and abandoned, 
Tallulah eventually finds a home with the Lee family
and forms a special bond with their daughter Tammy.
But Tammy has a terrible secret and Tallulah must do
all in her power to keep the family safe.

This is one of the most touching books I've read in a long time. This tiny little cat's life will make you think about how you should act and try to be like her. The secret that I'm DYING to tell changes the entire plot and although its hard to understand at first (the past and present get a tiny bit muddled up) it one read i will never forget. I highly recommend this book to anyone! 

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Also buy Solomon's Tale here for another kitten's story.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Harry and Hope - Sarah Lean

                               'Some friendships are meant to be'

'Hope feels lost when her mum's boyfriend leaves.
She loved Frank and he understood her better
than anyone, even her mum. The only part left of
Frank left behind is a stubborn, old rescue-donkey
, Harry.

Hope promised to look after Harry, but maybe
Hope needs Harry as much as he needs her..

This book will make you cry. I can not even describe the emotional effect it had on me.  If your an animal lover or live in the country-side (like my mum ,Reading-Room-With-A-Veiw, and me) you'll love this adorable book. Suitable for all ages. I highly recommend you read this because you'll LOVE IT!

You can buy this book and find out what happens to
Harry and Hope by clicking the link below :D

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Half a World Away - Cynthia Kadohata

Also the author of the national book award
The Thing About Luck
Electricity: the following electromagnetic particals

It creates lightning. turns the TV on. Generates power.
A microscopic current, something we can not see,
that connects us all. The concept fascinates
twelve-year-old Jaden, but what he can't understand
is this: He Doesn't feel connected to anyone.
So he lights fires. Hoards food. Steals. Runs until
his anger beats him to the ground. His biological
mother didn't want him, and while his adoptive
parents say they love him, Jaden feels nothing.
Or something actually, Like an epic fail.
And now they want to adopt a new kid. So they
pack up and fly with Jaden halfway around
the world to get one.

In Kazakhstan, Jaden's soldering anger flares.
He knows what will happen next.

Or does he?

I love this book because it is full of twists and turns. To be honest I didn't really think this book was for me when i read the blurb, but i picked it up and was quickly mistaken. The plot is clearly well thought out and all the characters have their own personality. Although you make think this book would be boring as the blurb talks about electricity, but it is amazing! i would read it again if i had the chance.

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