Thursday, 16 July 2015

Dork Diaries Drama Queen - Rachel Renèe Russell

Total Disaster! Mean girl Mackenzie has stolen Nikki's diary!
What if she tells Nikki's totally secret thoughts?!

But reading nikkei's diary isn't the only thing
Mackenzie is interested in. Get ready for a dork
Diaries twist as Mackenzie takes over and tells
everyone about her Glamorous life!
What does the Queen bee really think about
Nikki and her dorky friends?

To be honest i didn't really think i was going to write a review about this book just because well... i did finish it in two days! This book is very short (well kinda) and won't take you a long time to read so i suggest you pick this book a side book (you know what i mean). Although it was very short it was very good! I loved how the handwriting changed as Mackenzie starts to take over! This book is super cool and ,like all the other dork diaries, it has been a nice easy read.

There isn't a major plot twist but there are quite a few little ones. This wasn't my favourite book of all time but i certainly enjoyed it. I recommend this book for ages 10+. If you enjoy these books you may also want to try Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates!

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