Monday, 22 June 2015

A Boy Called Hope - Lara Williamson

'I'm Dan Hope, and deep inside my head i
keep a list of things i want to come true.

For example, I want my sister, Ninja Grace
to go to university at the North Pole and only
come back once a year.

I want to help Sherlock holmes solve his most
daring mystery yet. And if it could be a zombie
mystery, all the more exciting.

I want to be the first eleven-year-old to land on
the moon.

I want my dog to stop eating the planets and
throwing them up on the carpet.

And finally, the biggest dream of all...     I want my dad to love me.'

I loved this book. I was hooked on it the minute i picked it up. It is all about a boy trying to get his dad to love him...again like most of the books i buy, this one made me cry. My favourite part had to be the end. I won't spoil it but all i have to say is you must buy this book to find out yourself.

As soon as i saw this book i knew i had to get it. The cover is super pretty and shiny. I also love the font this writer has used as it is easy to read and very clear.

I loved this books so much and i don't know how i had never seen it before but i wish i had. I highly recommend this book to adults but mostly kids at the age of 10-12 as the boy in here is 11.

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